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Notes: This chapter includes a couple of direct quotes from Being Human, another from the sports pages, and one from Gord Downie. There is no point my apologizing again for how long this chapter took, but at least in this one things actually happen!

Also I mentioned in the notes to the last chapter that I figured it was about four in the morning. I just learned that "the witching hour" was originally considered to be between 3 and 4 AM. So that's what time it is.

Warnings: None I can think of.

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Notes: Obviously timelines in this story have gotten quite tangled, but it might help to keep in mind that many scenes happen simultaneously. It's now about four in the morning.

Incidentally, since Housemates takes place in an entirely alternate universe, you may notice references to a Prime Minister who is definitely not the one currently in power. Please feel free to imagine anyone you like in the role. Personally, I'm going back and forth between Helen Mirren and Amal Clooney (either a lookalike, or Amal herself.) I don't think we're going to meet the American president in this story but in case we do, I've been picturing Michelle Obama in the role. But you do you.

I'm so sorry this update has taken so long, and for not responding to comments as I usually do. There's nothing wrong, and I'm not working harder or longer hours than anyone else on this site. I think it's a combination of having bitten off a lot in this story and trying to effectively chew it, and being tired and therefore distractible. I know pretty much exactly what is going to happen, I'm just having trouble writing it down. Thank you to everyone who has hung in there all this time, I appreciate your patience and am grateful for your encouragement!

Warnings: I realize the vampires' plan is even stupider than Loki's supervillain plan in The Avengers, but if you watch Being Human you've probably noticed that strategy is not really the vampires' strong point. They seem to like to get right to the bloodshed and mayhem and assume that's all they need. In this case, perhaps trying to postpone the bloodshed and mayhem has made their tactical thinking even worse than usual.

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Notes: I've looked up schedules for the various relevant Underground lines, but for purposes of the story we're ignoring that. I'll take it up with the train driver's union at a later date.

Warnings: In case we need some.

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Notes: The historical point discussed in this chapter is true, although of course my use of it is complete nonsense. Also, there is a nod or two to Being Human canon for anyone who cares to look.

Warnings: None needed.

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Notes: I hope everyone celebrating a holiday this season had a happy and peaceful one, and that all the rest of you are well. Apparently I can just about manage an update about once a month-- now that I've said it, I hope I can stuck to it! I don't watch Agents of SHIELD but there's a turn of phrase from the show that turns up here, just because it annoyed me when I heard of it. (I know! Imagine me, annoyed!)

Warnings: Keep in mind that all Lokis are biased observers. That's not to say they're necessarily always wrong, just… there is always the possibility their assumptions about people and situations are prejudiced, and readers are welcome to agree or disagree with them. (I know that readers already do so-- I just want to be clear that, yeah, I know readers are making their own judgements.)

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Notes: In case anyone's forgotten the timing, I just want to point out that H!Loki's concern about the safety of ants was written into the series before the first Avengers movie was released. And yes, I was amused by the ant/boot exchange.

The agency mentioned in this chapter is entirely fictitious-- in fact, it turns out one version of it was actually created by Marvel, although I don't think this version bears any resemblance at all to that one.

Warnings: In case we need some.

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Notes: Alert readers may have noticed that my timeline for when A!Loki went into the void and when he came out are a little messed up-- early in the story I think I said it was a year since the Puente Antiguo incident in alt!verse, whereas in the last couple of chapters I made it three years (which is the timeline in Housemates!verse.) This is what happens when you write a story this long over such an extended period. Sorry to anyone who actually remembered that detail and was bothered by it-- when this monster is eventually finished I'll have to retro-fix the timeline. However, in the meantime, onward! (And-- have another minor character from Being Human canon, because why not!)

Warnings: In case we need some.

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Notes: Clearly, the updates for this story are falling farther and farther behind. My latest excuse is a series of family weddings (well, two in a week!), projects around the house, visitors from out of town, and my dad's eightieth birthday party, which have kept me mostly offline for most of the summer. Also, a couple of weeks ago my old netbook finally gave up the ghost and had to be replaced. I realize this chapter is meandering by even my standards, but after a gap this long I'd rather post what I've got done than wrestle with structure.

Regarding Loki's age-- either Loki's age-- in this story, I keep saying he's somewhere between nine hundred and a thousand years old. I realize that isn't compatible with the date we're given for the Jotun invasion of Midgard in Thor, but I mis-remembered the date when I was writing the first story in this series and since then I've just gone with the original error. (I've decided that dated scene took place at the beginning of the war and then the fighting between the Aesir and Jotnar continued for much longer on Jotunheim.)

Warnings: Some implied gore right at the end.

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Notes: Back to the rest of the gang! Those of you who watch Being Human will be aware that I'm both simplifying Ivan and Daisy's relationship, and skating over some of Daisy's appetites. I plead "this story is complicated enough already." Those two are a terrific couple, and by "terrific" I mean "devoted, complicated, murderous, and very scary." I've always been sorry we didn't get to see more of them in canon.

Obviously this story takes place in a universe in which Thor: The Dark World hasn't happened, but there was one moment I really liked from that movie, so I've stolen it for inclusion in this universe. You'll know it when you see it.

I know my posting cycle has slowed down considerably on this story. Part of the reason is that I no longer live in a rented apartment, and it turns out you really do take more interest in housework when it's your own place. Who knew? And because it's the first summer in the new place there are a number of things I've needed to get done or organized. I'm still writing, just going a little slower these days.

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Notes: I'm so sorry this chapter took so long-- I have nothing against real life but it does sometimes interfere with my fic writing. This should be the last H!Loki-only chapter before we get back to everyone else.

Regarding Loki's history in Puente Antiguo-- I can't remember whether I posted about this in notes to fic chapters or in separate posts on my fic LiveJournal, so I want to clarify how that episode happened in this particular universe. A while back, someone who used to follow my fic on LJ commented on the death and destruction this Loki had wrought in Puente Antiguo. I didn't argue with her, but I actually should have made a couple of things clear about this universe.

See, in the theatrical release, we actually didn't see the Destroyer kill any humans. All we actually saw was property damage by the Destroyer, then the battle with Thor's friends, and then the confrontation between Thor and Loki-via-Destroyer. In the final, theatrical, version of the story, the only person we see get hurt is Thor.

I realize that it's totally reasonable to assume there were people killed and we just didn't see it. However, in the Housemates universe, that's not what happened. In my mind, and so in this universe, Loki escalated throughout his final rampage, culminating in the attempt to destroy Jotunheim.

To me, that means the worst thing he did on Midgard was temporarily kill Thor. To my mind, killing a whole lot of innocent civilians would be worse, and therefore, in this universe, he didn't. I'm not going to argue with anyone who has different ideas about that section of the movie, but within Housemates universe my interpretation is what happened. So, while the citizens of the town would have been quite rightfully shaken and very angry when word got out Thor's brother was responsible for all that damage, expense, and terror, the fact nobody was killed or seriously injured means they're not as implacably angry as, say, many of the Jotnar.

Warnings: None needed.

Chapter Fifty

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